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Check out what we are doing in 2023! 


We are the Madison County Democrats! We are working hard in 2023 on a number of important issues that impact all of us. Traditionally, an off year such as 2023 would be a slow year, a year spent reviewing and analyzing the election results from the previous year, while setting goals and planning events for the next big election. Not this year! Why not? Listen closely.


First, the Ohio State Legislature passed an abortion ban after six weeks of pregnancy. While this ban is blocked for now, via a court ruling, the expectation is that the Ohio Legislature will continue to fight for its implementation and other more restrictive rules.  Their extreme proposals could interfere with pregnancy related medical procedures, including IVF procedures, which many women rely on to become pregnant. They take away the freedom of pregnant women, in consult with their doctor, to determine if a pregnancy should be terminated when it cannot go to term without endangering the life of the pregnant female. Madison County Democrats are active in securing the signatures needed to get an amendment to the Ohio Constitution that would safeguard women’s reproductive rights on the November ballot. Politicians should not be involved in healthcare decisions!


Second, let’s talk gun violence and deaths. There have been more mass shootings this year, than days in the year. What has our Ohio legislature done about this issue? They passed open carry legislation! Ohioans should not be afraid to send their children to school, to church or to a mall. Madison County Democrats support candidates that will pass common sense gun laws for Ohioans.


Third, we want our Republican representatives to create fair districts!  Ohioans voted to replace our gerrymandered district maps, favoring Republicans, with fair district maps that would be representative of how Ohioans vote. To date, our Republican committee for re-districting has refused to do so, repeatedly. Madison County Democrats have been busy making phone calls to committee members, encouraging them to honor the will of Ohioans and create fair district maps.  Our members have also attended state house protests to ensure our voice is heard.


Fourth, we have a senate race next year to re-elect Senator Sherrod Brown. We saw what the Republicans did with the last senate race and we can’t let that happen again. We will work hard to see that Senator Brown is re-elected.


Fifth, we are experiencing on-going attacks to our democracy by the Republicans. Did you hear about the fiasco in Tennessee? The book bans? The bans on what teachers can teach? The drag queen show bans?  Attacks to democracy in Ohio have been less noisy than these but, are just as dangerous. Our Republican leaders passed legislation tied to voting which went into effect with May’s primary. New voting restrictions include stricter ID rules, less early voting days and a one dropbox per county rule. Drip, drip, drip. What will be next? We believe our Republican legislature and leaders are threatened by a democratic multi-racial, inclusive society. We stand for a “for the people by the people” democracy that is all inclusiive. Madison County Democrats will continue the work that supports democracy.


We will continue our “meet the candidates” events, to raise money in support of those candidates, to make available a citizenship award to a senior from each of our four high schools, to participate in county parades as a reminder to Madison County residents that Democrats are here to stay, to help those in need with contributions to our county food pantries.  We will also continue to educate ourselves on critical political issues and to engage as appropriate to make a positive impact on them.


You can help us in big ways and small ways. How? Be sure you are registered to vote and encourage others to register and then, Vote! Join us for our monthly meeting; the third Monday of each month at the Madison County Engineer’s Office, 6:30 PM. Come cheer us during our parade appearances, London’s 4th of July and West Jefferson’s Ox Roast parades. We would love to see you at our social events. Finally, it takes money to do what we do. Contribute to the Madison County Democratic Party of Ohio through Actblue, a link is on our Facebook page and this website.


We are your Madison County Democratic Party. We work to find and elect qualified Democrats to public office at all levels of government. Each democratic candidate who runs makes a difference, even if they lose. We make a difference, so can you! Join us!







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