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In 2023,  the failure of Issue 1 in August and the passage of Issue 1 in November,  brought a sense of relief to Ohioans to know that we will continue to be able to make our own healthcare decisions, without government interference. Sadly, however, the threat of extreme MAGA Republicans remains a source of concern and frustration as they continue to run for office, including the MAGA leader with his run for President.  Their success in 2024 would be the biggest threat to our democratic way of life in decades. We have a lot of work to do this year to make sure Sherrod Brown and President Biden are re-elected along with the election of new Democrats at our state and local levels.  You are invited to attend our monthly meetings to learn how you can help. 

The work we do to help elect democratic candidates that support our values such as voting rights, women's right to choose, healthcare for all, fair districts, fair tax laws, equitable pay, worker's rights, environmental protections and the advancement of climate change policy is more important than it has ever been.


Of equal importance to the work we do, and the monetary contributions we make, to elect qualified Democratic candidates to office, is the continued support of our community.  In addition to our non-partisan Citizenship Award program, which provides an award to one senior from each of our four Madison County public high schools, we also make an annual donation to each of Madison County's five foodbanks.

Our success is dependent upon contributions from grassroots supporters. Please donate what you can.  You can become a 2024 member today. Please consider donating at one of these levels: $25 - Member; $100 - Contributing Member; $250 - Sponsoring Member; $500 - Sustaining Member; $1000 - Life Member.

The ActBlue link is above for your convenience but, if you prefer to send a check, our mailing address is PO Box 807, London, Ohio 43140. 

Thank you for your support!

With a $25 donation, you automatically become an official card-carrying member of the Madison County Democratic Party!

Contribution rules

  1. I am making this contribution with my own personal credit card and not with a corporate or business credit card or a card issued to another person.

  2. I am a U.S. citizen or lawfully admitted permanent resident (i.e., green card holder).

  3. I am at least eighteen years old.

  4. This contribution is made from my own funds, and funds are not being provided to me by another person or entity for the purpose of making this contribution.

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