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Time to Actually be Pro-Life

Below is an editorial piece written by Peter Schmidt and published in the Columbus Dispatch on July 3. Worth the read! His insight on the Roe reversal and why that ruling should motivate Democrats to push for the very humanity based legislation we support and have tried to get passed. Please read, you will be glad you did!

Time to actually be pro-life

I grew up Catholic and early on believed that abortion was morally wrong and sinful in every situation. Now, as a 40-year-old man, I have come to believe that abortion is more gray than black and white.

One of the ways that helped me come to this conclusion was when my wife and I decided to become foster parents in the state of Ohio. We fostered and eventually adopted a sibling group of four beautiful children when they were ages 1, 2, 3, and 4. Due to a shortage of foster parents, we likely were the only foster parents in our county who were able to keep them from being separated.

This raised the question, "What would we as a society ever do if every child conceived whose parents weren’t capable of parenting needed a foster home?"

There are not enough foster parents; there is not enough affordable health care, not enough child care, not enough good-paying jobs, not enough paid time off, not enough affordable homes, not enough affordable food, not enough affordable transportation, not enough done to counter the devastating effects of climate change, etc.

This is my call to you, Democrats, do not do what the Republicans have done for 50 years and make the elections about one issue. Too many Catholics and Christians have voted on this one issue only.

I want you to use the anger you’re feeling today to make lasting changes that will impact all Americans. With every bill, remind citizens that as a society we are bringing children into this world and we will take care of them.

Pass universal health care. It is a pro-life issue.

Tax the billionaires. It is a pro-life issue.

Create green jobs and energy. It is a pro-life issue.

Pass gun reforms. It is a pro-life issue.

Create homes for the homeless. It is a pro-life issue.

Feed the hungry children. It is a pro-life issue.

Pass legislation that allows parents to take time off work without the fear of losing much needed pay. It is a pro-life issue.

Remind the Republicans that they just became foster parents. It is their responsibility to care for the people they represent, or we will have to revoke their license.

Peter Schmidt, Athens

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