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MCDP has endorsed and donated to general election candidates!

Updated: May 25, 2022

The Madison County Democratic Party is proud to both ENDORSE and DONATE to the following General Election candidates. These candidates all support our values of democracy, freedom of choice, equal rights, affordable healthcare for all regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation or age, and sensible gun control policies. We believe these candidates will work for the good of all Ohioans and bring integrity back to our state government. Your VOTE in the November General Election is critical to each of these democratic candidates!!

Nan Whaley Governor

Tim Ryan Senate

Jennifer Brunner Chief Justice, Ohio Supreme Court

Terri Jamison Justice, Ohio Supreme Court

Marilyn Zayas Justice, Ohio Supreme Court

Chelsea Clark Secretary of State

Jeff Crossman State Attorney General

Taylor Sappington State Auditor

Scott Schertzer State Treasurer

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